The 100th Post…

I’m not sure if it makes me crazy or that I just have a lot to say, but this, according to Blogger, is the 100th Post I have put on this website. Insane. Anyway…

Because of where ther Bloomington office for my insurance company is located, I ended up at my former employer this morning. It used to be 1stBooks Library, and is now Authorhouse. It was a print-on-demand publishing company where if you could afford it, you could have anything printed you wrote. Now, I won’t go into all the many many reasons why I left that job and how happy I am that I did so, but even this morning, there was a bit of nostalgia that creeped in. There were some good people that worked there, and every once in awhile we actually published a really good book. It’s just strange to walk into a group of people that used to be so familiar and now they’re in a new building with new management and practically an entire new staff. strange.

Anyway, a GRIPE for this morning…Part of my job (as I see it and it has been explained to me) is to make our database work for the ministries it supports…so I spend a lot of my time working in the database and trying to brainstorm ways for it to be used more efficiently. I do this because it’s important to me and because I enjoy it. For example, we actually track attendance at SOCC. It’s only as good as the information we get, so I’m well aware that it is not perfect. After posting attendance, we do an absentee report to catch the people that are no longer attending, have missed a few weeks, etc. Now granted in the summer it’s much more difficult to do. Anyway…people that end up on this list often end up there even though they are at church–they do not sign in because they are volunteering for a ministry. So, I tried to make a way to get a list of the people that are serving so that we can give them attendance and they don’t get calls that say “we’ve noticed you haven’t been at church in awhile” when really they were just there singing or whatever…and for some reason, some people do not think this is a good idea. for me, if i was actively involved in a ministry and someone called and said we’ve noticed that you haven’t been here, i would be a little offended/hurt because i was just volunteering!! I guess, I can’t make everyone happy, but sometimes I just don’t understand why people choose the battles they choose.

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  1. are you guys using shelby? just curious. shelby and i were good buddies – okay well not really – for nearly a year. great software, but i hated it as 99% of my job. but i’m with you – if people called me like “we haven’t seen you” when i’ve working my tush off for the church, i’d be more than miffed. maybe your ministry leaders can just give you a list of their volunteers. and i don’t understand people who are like “that’s not a good idea”. who’s job is it? yours or theirs? you’re good at your job they should just let you do it. 🙂 best wishes. congratulations on #100. what a milemarker in your life! heehee! 🙂

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