Amazing. The weekend was splendidly amazing. There just aren’t enough words to make it make sense. everyone needs to experience it-to feel the closest to God you will EVER feel this side of heaven. To understand, without a doubt, the beauty and majesty and forever grace of God. To really love and be loved. To have total strangers pay 85 bucks a piece just to wash toliets and bleach shower curtains for you for three days. To see people selflessly cook 3 meals a day for you, with nothing but smiles and love. To meet 6 people that you are instantly closer than you have let yourself be to anyone. To hear what it means to follow Christ and understand that His commands-to love and to let yourself be loved, will change the face of time. To cry out in joy…to cry the joyful tears of your entire life that are without selfish ambition. To have someone remind you that Christ is counting on you to share his message; and all you have to do in return is count on Christ. To truly understand, you have to be there. You have to experience it. Love it, cry, and be healed. And you get to see God. It’s amazing. You MUST do it.