this says it all:

“You should see the stars tonight

How they shimmer, shine so bright

Against the black they look so white

Coming down from such a height

You should see the moon in flight

Cutting ‘cross the misty night

Softly dancing in sunshine

Reflections of its light

Reach me now

You reach me now

And how could such a thing

Shine its light on me

and make everything

Beautiful again

And you should feel the sun in spring

Coming out after a rain

suddenly all is green

sunshine on everything

I can feel it now

I feel you now

And you should hear the angels sing

All gathered ’round their King

More beautiful than you could dream

I’ve been quietly listening

You can hear ’em now

I hear them now

And how could such a King

Shine His light on me

And make everything


And I want to shine

i want to be light

I want to tell you

it’ll be alright

Yeah, I want to shine

I want to fly

Just to tell you now

It’ll be alright

It’ll be alright, yeah

It’ll be alright

‘Cause I’ve got nothing of my own

to give to you

but this light that shines on me

Shines on you

And makes everything beautiful

Beautiful again”

David Crowder, Stars (from Illuminate)