I’m ready for fall. I’m ready for the falling temperatures. I’m ready for the changing colors of leaves. I’m ready for crisp air and having to wear a sweatshirt.

Fall is my favorite time of year. I love it. I love the variety of colors and the beauty. I love how it makes me want to curl up close to the people I love, sipping something warm and reading a good book. I love how the world seems to come alive. I love how it looks different outside every day. I love the reds and oranges, the purples and browns of the leaves.

Living in southern Indiana, I get to see fall and all of the beauty that comes with it. I get to see the birds migrating overhead and feel the cool air blowing through open windows. The start of fall was actually a couple weeks ago, but I’m starting to really notice it this week. Walking through the IU campus on Sunday, I had leaves cracking and breaking under my feet. I loved it! Happy fall! That’s why I hope when I get married someday that it’s in the fall. My favorite season and my favorite month are happening around me. Despite feeling under the weather, I cannot help but be happy.