I’ve been trying to write something for this site for a couple days now and just haven’t really had anything to say…so, pardon me if this is nothing but rambling nothings… 🙂 Do you remember the old saying that children are meant to be seen and not heard? I’ve always had a problem with that statement, but lately it’s really bothered me. I don’t’ know, maybe it’s because I work in children’s ministry and because I’ve always loved kids and loved being around kids, but who really thought that thought up???? and why did it catch on like it did? So, on that note, here’s a great quote…from a 7 year old…

“I believe in God, but I still wonder about a lot of things. Like I wonder how He made eyeballs.” Joseph Langer

How true is that? I know that I believe in God, but I still wonder about a lot of things, myself. I wonder why friends hurt, I wonder why life is hard, I wonder why everything can’t go right at once. I wonder if I love Him enough, I wonder how I got so blessed, I wonder what people see when they look at me. I hope the person they see is the person I am. I hope I am as genuine as I can be. I find it funny that the deeper my faith becomes, the more questions there are to ask. But, that is part of seeking him; that is part of experiencing life and experiencing this journey we are on, instead of just being here. And that’s one of the greatest things about being a kid, whether your a little one in ‘reality’ like Joseph or whether you’re a kid like we all are; God’s kids. Kids aren’t afraid to ask questions, they are naturally inquisitive, and they want to know what is going on in the world; what’s more, they want to know WHY…the questions get a little harder, the older we get, but the longing to ask them stays. Instead of why is the sky blue? we wonder…why do bad things happen to good people? Instead of why does a dog bark? we wonder why do we say such hurtful things when in our hearts we are not hurtful beings? Instead of why is that boy sad? we ask why am I sad, why am I lonely, why do I hurt?

And, just like we don’t always have the answers for everything a seven-year-old asks, God doesn’t always let us in on the plan. The secret is to take comfort in the plan anyway….and know that He’s already answered the hardest question of all…Why did you send Jesus to die for me? Because I love you, that’s why.

So, wonder away, dear children. Ask God the hard questions and then relax knowing that He’s got the details already worked out. Why? Because God is God and we are man…we only know one little piece in the puzzle of the universe.