Happy Sunday! It’s about 10:30 and I am getting ready to call it a night and head to bed, but thought I would write a little here first and expound upon my weekend. Saturday was a great day. Tim and I went on a long drive all day–we were going to go to Brown County, but it is peak leaf season and that means there would be about a million people milling around the park, so we decided to just drive. We ended up driving through a lot of Hoosier National Forest. Let’s see, we went from Bloomington to Bedford to Logottee (however it’s spelled) to the dairy queen. From there we went to West Baden Springs. Have you been? If not, you simply MUST go. We toured the West Baden Springs Resort and Spa. It’s an amazing old building (I’ll look for a URL and put it in here tomorrow) and grounds that were built on natural mineral springs (yeah, the stuff that smells like sulfer). The hotel hasn’t been active since 1929, and it is now part of the National Historial Society, which means that it’s getting some money to make the necessary repairs, but still. There is talk in Orange County of opening a Casino, which would mean money and jobs, but at what cost? The good people of Orange county will vote on November 4th about the casino and the land-locked West Baden Springs Hotel may soon become part of living history. I think it would be really amazing to see it in working order again, but am sure it would cost a fortune to stay there. There is enough majesty and beauty there to make it a success. The best part? It’s for sale. It’s true, for only 33 million dollars, YOU can own this piece of property!!

After touring the hotel, we went to Lake Patoka and then began the drive home. We stopped again in Bedford for dinner and Tim saw something he considered rare-a man with a mullet. Silly Tim, he hasn’t spend a lot of time in Bedford, now has he? 🙂 Then it was home, a movie, and then I came back to my apartment and went to bed. It seems so simple to describe it here, but it was another beautiful day in the brief history of Emily and Tim. It’s true, it’s been 11 weeks already. Such a short amount of time, yet so beautiful and amazing and so much has happened…so amazing.

A total change of subject: I’ll be in Costa Rica in about 6 weeks. I’m excited and nervous–got a crazy email from my aunt about monkeys, the jungle and pickpockets…wow, this is going to be an adventure unlike any other. I hope I can find a computer down there to post blogs throughout the week. I think I’ll need it. 🙂 In an effort to be a little more comfortable in a bathing suit, Rene and I joined the Y today. Tomorrow is our first workout. Should be an adventure. 🙂