Well, elections are over. It took all of four seconds to place my votes yesterday, but whatever. I guess that’s what happens when you have like 3 catagories to vote for…you just can’t stare at 10 names for that long! 🙂

I realized something much more important yesterday. I went to Hannah House/Crisis Pregnancy Center yesterday to deliver some stuff from our nursery at work, my house, and stuff that my small group purchased. It wasn’t much: some diapers, an old stroller, some blankets and pacifiers, and baby quilt, a travel ‘health kit’ for babies, some books for the moms and some stuffed animals–altogether, just some random stuff thrown together. I walked into the house and was met by a little older lady who was knitting. I said I had some stuff to donate and her eyes lit up. And then she said two little words that completely floored me. “Bless you.” She and the other lady who came to help get the stuff out of my car were so excited to be receiving all this little stuff; stuff that was ‘leftovers’ in the nursery, stuff that was just little and simple and…completely unspecial. But, for some reason, it made their day. And, because it made them so happy, it made me so happy. Maybe for the first time in my life, during a moment that wasn’t Christmas or a birthday, I realized the importance of ‘it’s more blessed to give than receive.’

I leave for Costa Rica in 18 days. I have a lot to get done and pack and buy before then, but it should be fun. I’m excited…a little nervous, but excited.

Okay, off to work…