It’s Cold.

I know there is nothing deep about that statement, but I would just like to point out the obvious for a moment. You know it’s cold when you get excited because the weatherbug in your toolbar now says that it’s ZERO outside. And that’s up from -4 when I woke up. I’ll be honest, that’s cold. 🙂 I’m trying really hard to not be so negative…we’ll see what happens. So far this morning, so good.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my Big Dream this week. And it has inspired me to write more again. So, I am going to write. A lot. I don’t know how much of it I’ll put on this blog and how much of it will be too personal to share, but I am willing to do my part in my Big Dream so that God can do His. It’s funny how much motivation has to do with your dreams. I guess part of me has always just assumed that since I want to write, then I’ll do it. The reality is that it takes work and effort on my part to make the dream come true. There is a quote from somewhere that says, “Sometimes it takes a little work to make a dream come true.” I don’t remember who said it or even where I heard it, but I need to find it and put it on my computer, in my room, in my journal–everywhere. Because it does take a little work to make dreams come true. It is not just going to magically happen one day. I know this. You know this. I think everyone knows this. It’s just the actual doing that is the hard part sometimes.

I was going to try and be all profound this morning, but there’s just not a lot to be profound about at the moment. I’m still 1/2 asleep and cold anyway 🙂 So, Happy Friday. It’s been a long, snowy, COLD week. Let’s hope the worst is over for now.