I am once again reminded just how important laughter is in life. It is almost as important as air, as food, as the zillion gallons of water I drink in a week. Laughter calms anger, changes grumpiness to joy, and just in general makes the world seem like such a better place. I am so blessed in my life to be surrounded by people who make me laugh–and who understand my sense of humor and what I really find funny. I spend so many of my days and nights with the people that are important to me–Tim, Rene, Liz, Annie–sometimes it’s in person, sometimes it’s the phone, a card, or an email…but no matter what, these people get me. They laugh heartily at my jokes (and my stupidity and speaking errors). They find the same movies, situations, and ideas humorous. They know that sarcasm is a gift that just not everyone has and they know that some people are never, never, never-EVER going to get it.

It is when I am with these people that I am reminded of the simplicity and beauty of laughter. from the gut or simply a chuckle, it makes a huge difference. Most of the time, we laugh at inside jokes. There is only one other person in the world who finds “MAPS!” hilarious-and that is Phil Coleman. No one really understands “Hello, Mr. Futon” or “PILAF!” if you weren’t there. I laugh at Ptarmigans and I laugh at the humor only two middle school girls can find in “Roadapples.” “ATT” and “Vag Anti-Fun” are only funny to a couple people. There is something wonderful about inside jokes and things that make people look at you laughing and say I want to know what’s so funny…you tell them and they look at you like you’re insane. Sometimes that is the best feeling in the world.

So thank you, my dear friends, for getting it. For getting me. For laughter, love, and knowing that the tears I cry with you are often out of joy and not sadness. You make my life so amazing.