65 days, a Dress Fitting, and a Diet

I had my dress fitting on saturday. thankfully everything still fit like it should. While there was absolutely no reason that it shouldn’t have fit, it still felt really good to have it on and have it look as great as I remember it looking. there was something about actually putting on my dress…the one i will be wearing 65 days from now, that was invigorating. there is nothing more beautiful in the whole world to me (clothes-wise) than that dress. It was a relief to have it fitted and exciting all at the same time.

I am going to do my best to actually mail the wedding invitations tomorrow. i can’t believe the time has come for that already, but here it is! How exciting. Getting the RSVPs back and knowing who will be there is such a crazy feeling. I hope everyone we really want to share our special day will be there, I really do. I feel a little guilt still over the kids we’re not including and some of the people that may expect to get invited that don’t, but i’m sure i’ll get over it. i have a feeling actually putting the invitations in the mail will be both liberating and scary at the same time!

The diet went better this week, thankfully. I lost the pound i gained the week before, so now we’re back to 6 pounds…6 pounds in a month isn’t a bad thing, though! i just have to look at it that way!