Many Random Thoughts…

I haven’t blogged in awhile, although I have been meaning to do so; time has just been not on my side, I guess. So here are a bunch of random thoughts in no particular order 🙂 Enjoy

Random Thought #1

I miss talking to Liz already. We both worked at jobs where we could be in contact during the day…maybe one of the benefits of email. Well, she got a new job, and she just started yesterday, and I’m not sure that I’ll hear from her as often. I didn’t really realize until Tuesday how much I enjoy getting her “good morning :)” emails. It’s just nice to know that someone is thinking about you first thing in the morning-at least someone that you don’t see every day. So Liz, I know you’ll read this eventually and I just want to say thanks for always making my mornings a little brighter. I am so excited about your new job!! You’re going to do great.

Random Thought #2

Cicadas. Yuck. I hate bugs, I’ll be honest. I know they’re an important part of the circle of life and that everything plays an important role…BLAH BLAH BLAH. I don’t care how important they are, a million bugs an acre is about a million too many. According to the Indianapolis Star, they have begun appearing in Southern Indiana already and should be in the Central part of the state by this weekend. Let me say again….YUCK 🙂 Not looking forward to it at all…but I guess the sooner they get here, the sooner they can just GO AWAY, right 🙂

Random Thought #3

American Idol. Up to this point, I have not allowed the pop culture, closet interest in American Idol out. But honestly, they (and I mean they because I didn’t vote…so maybe I don’t really care THAT much) voted off my favorite person last night. Interesting. If I wanted to try really hard, I could liken the voting on American Idol to so many things; the idle (no pun intended) way we look at our lives, etc…but let’s be honest here. It is a TV show and I think finding the deeper meaning would only make me sound a little more like a freak than I already am…but if you want to know, that’s cool. Leave me a comment and I’ll elaborate more 🙂

Random Thought #4

If I actually sat down and wrote as much as I think about how much I’d like to be a professional writer, I’d be there already. Why do we sit on our dreams instead of acting on them?

Random thought #5

It’s really annoying when you find the PERFECT font for your blog, but no one else can appreciate it because they don’t have it. Go here to download the “CARE BEAR FAMILY” font. Then you can see the page the way I do! YAY!