It has been a productive week, thank goodness. I am not looking forward to everyone leaving next week. In fact, the mass exodus has begun. Slowly and surely there are people leaving. The church is getting more and more empty, that’s for sure. Anyway, I recently made some changes on the ol’ blog. I like the picture and I like how it makes me feel a bit more peaceful…unfortunately, I haven’t been able to figure out how to get my font back…ah well, what can I do.

I ran across the quote at the top again recently when I was talking to Liz about the song “Windmills.” The quote is so much my life. To be too sane is madness…how about that??!!?? I think I often lead a life that is almost too safe and secure. I want to know that there is something more out there, but I too often do not let things challenge or change me. Maybe next week will be a good way to start that…no one will be around; I will have way too much free time on my hands, so I can start evaluating things and getting things figured out.

My goal is to write more, and this is a great week to start this. In fact, why should I wait for tomorrow, when I can start right now.

Every life is a story–and I know mine is in there somewhere. I’ll just have to find it. And I will find it, dear reader, I promise I will find it. And you will all know it someday!


  1. Just for the record, it means the world to me that I’ve been along to see your story thus far and can’t wait to see it unfold with you. love you-

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