Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut

Sometimes you don’t. I don’t know which I am today, which probably makes me a nut, right? Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve written anything. I spent most of last week organizing my office and files (getting rid of the stuff from the lady that had this job before me and getting her computer files, etc, organized), and generally being a lazy slob. Not an excuse, but still 🙂 Tim made it back from Mexico in one piece, even though his luggage arrived safely several hours after he did…ah well. It was so great to see him again. Sometimes the amount of love I feel for him is overwhelming, but always in a good way.

So, I’ve made a decision-and a hard one at that. This year, for the first time ever, I am not going on vacation with my family. It sucks. It’s just one of those things–family vacations have always been a big deal for my family. It’s one of those things; they’re always a little crazy and a little nuts, always an adventure and always insane, but always good. However, due to timing and the fact that my July is already very busy, I just can’t do it this year. I don’t know how I feel about it. I’m sad and it’s going to be really strange to see pictures of them at places I’ve never been, but I guess I’m growing up. The weekends they’re going to be gone are the weekends of the wedding of two good friends here at the church and the other weekend is Tim and I’s one year anniversary. I just don’t like this growing up thing at all. However, cameron is going to come down and hang out with me for a couple days this summer. He’s awesome and I love him, so that will be great. I’m actually really looking forward to it; then I will go home for a long weekend sometime, too. It’s just so strange to be an adult. I guess I need to stop saying that and just get over it, but (imagine whiney voice here) I DON’T WANT TO! That’s not true, I guess…I want to grow up and ‘get over it’ but it’s a very strange thing for me.

However, I am so thankful for the fact that I have gotten to go on some GREAT family vacations in the past. Last year alone I went to the 100th Anniversary of Flight Air Show, Florida, and Costa Rica. All were awesome trips. The year before that…was that Washington DC? I think it was. There have been so many great trips. It will be strange for them to go see Old Faithful and Mt. Rushmore without me, but there is simply no way I could spend that many days cooped up in the back of a car. If it wasn’t the weekend of the wedding, I would probably have flown out to Seattle for a long break, but it’s just not going to work out. How strange is that…reminds me of the Billy Joel song, “Souvenir”

“…and every year’s a souvenir that slowly fades away.”

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  1. i have to say that i completely understand and feel the same way. i know i probably have so many years left, yet at the same time, part of me feels like they’re getting away from me at a rapid pace. i don’t like growing up, which can surely be witnessed by the fact we hang out with our college students at church! haha! it’ll keep us young i suppose. sorry you have to miss out on the vacation, though. 😛

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