The Greatest Woman in the World

I would like to take this blog and dedicate it to the greatest woman I have ever met in my life–my mother. She is so many things that I cannot even begin to put them into words, but I would like to try.

She has dreamed my biggest (and silliest) dreams.

No matter what my dreams have been, from wanting to be the first woman president of the moon to an actress, to a writer, to a teacher…no matter what, she has been my strongest supporter. None of my dreams have ever been silly or pointless or unbelievable. She has always believed in me and in them.

She is my strongest supporter.

The world could be stacked against me and she still believes in me. She always, ‘has my back’ as it were. She trusts me and loves me in those ways that just don’t make sense to me. She was at every theater performance, band contest, marching band show, awards night…you name it and she was there. In marching band, I knew she was there by the sound of her whistle. In theatre, she once told me my eyes sparkled on stage, and it stayed with me forever.

She has always been exactly who she is.

I have to look no farther than my mom to see what a person with strong convictions and strong self-image is like. My mother does not hide who she is, and she makes no attempt to change herself to ‘fit in’ with other people. She’s bold and she’s funny. She’s smart and she’s beautiful. She’s strong in so many ways, and yet will hold you tenderly if you need it. She will say exactly what she feels and she will give you the best advice in the world. She also knows when to not say anything at all and just let you learn on your own.

She’s one of my best friends.

No child could love a mother more. I love to talk to her; to share my struggles and my successes with her. I value her advice and her thoughts about every aspect of my life. I know that she’s never farther away than a phone call, and always there when I need her. She loves me enough to let me be a ‘grown up’ but I will never forget that I will always be her little girl. We can stay up all night laughing or sit and play cards forever. Whatever we do together, whether it’s building puzzles, shopping and trying on clothes, or simply going for a walk, it is awesome.

She’s my aspiration.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. My mother is the woman I want to be. Hopefully every day I’m turning into her a little more. Her confidence, her poise, her conviction, her love, her beauty…these are the things that I have learned from her.

Mom, I love you. ~Your Little Girl, Emmy

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