I Hit A Bird…and Laughed

Okay, I’ll admit it…I’m a bit of a bad person. This morning on my way to work I hit a bird. With my car (instead of my hands, if that is what you were thinking). And, did I cry? No. I laughed. And then I called Rene, who also laughed. I know it’s bad, but C’MON! The thing has wings. It can FLY. Why did it not get out of the way of my car? I don’t know, but there was a thump, then there was a bird tumbling through the air in my rearview mirror. Then there were feathers this morning when I got to work. All in all, it’s been an interesting morning. Does it make my cynical that I killed an innocent bird and just laughed? Or would you in the same situation?


  1. That reminds me of the first time I ever saw RENT- I was driving Ab’s car and she told me that I needed to check the oil at the gas station. But her car had one of those latches I had trouble getting so I crouch down (all dressed up with the hair all done), right up on the grill and I’m face to face with a dead bird she apparently hit somewhere along the way. I swore she did it on purpose- having me change the oil and run right into it, but she still denies it. Either way, it totally caught me off guard and we proceeded to laugh until we cried and the guy finally came out of the station and pulled it off the car for me. I think we were probably his entertainment for the night. Anyway, so sometimes hitting birds is just plain funny. I’m with you on that one. While we’re discussing this topic, do you ever duck when it looks like they’re going to hit your car? That’s one of my personal favorite reactions- the ducking. Ok, that’s all. 🙂

  2. why yes, yes I do. I swear all day yesterday was like a scene from “The Birds.” They were everywhere and they were out to get me!

  3. THAT reminds me of going to a CIY believe conference in oklahoma city when josh was playing with foundation red. outside the conference center there were so many birds, i totally felt like i was in “birds”, and it was so bad you could smell bird poop lingering in the air and it was november. so it wasn’t like it was the heat making it smell. it was horrible. we literally sprinted from the hotel to the conference center everytime b/c we were afraid we’d get pooped on. a lot of people did. how gross!

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