C is for Colton. And catching up.

Oh, life, why do you get so complicated sometimes? C could be for any number of things, but today it was supposed to be about Colton. And then I lost my journal for a few days, so I’m also trying to catch up on everything that has happened since I last wrote.

Colton was my first friend. My first love. My first enemy. He was everything a boy is supposed to be; charming, cute, calm, quiet, popular. I was…not. I am awkward, with crazy curly brown hair I’ve given up trying to tame, non-discriminate blue eyes, fair skin. I was not the most unpopular person in school, but I am not the most popular, either. I am just, unremarkable. Average.

Colton came into my life when I was an 8th grader. He was smart and for some reason wanted to be my friend. We had a lot of fun and I will admit I wanted him to be my first everything. But, that summer something changed. High school started and the things he used to find cute about me he made fun of me for. My laugh was too loud, my smile was too fake, my name was to different. In one lunch period, he went from the stuff of dreams to the stuff of nightmares.

Oh, did I mention that he is one of the 17 people going on this trip? Oh, goody.