Lately I’ve found myself torn when it comes to blogging. I have wanted to share what is going on in my life and, moreso, in my head…but I have been hesitant because of the medium in which I have chosen to communicate (blogging). Is it bad to impose self-censorship on your blog because of one or more people that you know read it? Is it bad to want the opinions and comments of a group of relative strangers but know that this is not the way you really should express yourself? I guess what I’ve been wanting to do is journal-really journal-and in so many ways my blog has become my journal. But, is what I feel the desire to say really something I want other people to read? Or is it really issues I just need to work out for myself to myself, with myself?

What is it about this whole thing that is so strange and difficult yet beautiful and exciting at the same time? Do I share my heart here, hoping for a sympathetic ear…even if it is more guarded and not as blunt? Or do I vent and cry and wail in my private journal that no one else will see…and possibly feel more alone and isolated in the process?


  1. Whether this is helpful to you to know or not, I promise I will keep reading your blog no matter if you decide to censor or how much you “vent and wail”But then, I’m one of those readers that you don’t really know in daily life, therefore, it’s so much safer to post absolutely whatever!Such a dilemma we all relate to!love meagan

  2. I love it 🙂 I’m glad Poco doesn’t look like a snake. Snakes are scary, slithery, awful creatures in my book. 🙂

  3. you could always have a non-public blog and not share the address with anyone unless you choose to, and since it’s not public, people can’t find it on search engines. that thought has crossed my mind, too.

  4. Ty, I’ve thought about that a couple dozen times myself. Just the freedom of it…but have never done it. It’s such a strange world, this blog thing!

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