D is for Detention

So, apparently detention is what you get when you frantically try and catch up on your journal instead of paying attention in Spanish. And then admit it when the teacher asks you what you were doing, because you didn’t really listen to the question.

So here, I am, along with 3 other detention-worthy souls. There is Michal, who is stoned and tired and probably doesn’t even realize that he’s still in detention. Then, there are Cati and Cali, the cute twins who love attention so much they don’t care if it means they have to spend a precious hour after school sitting in this room doing nothing.

Oh well. I almost made it through school without having to sit through a detention period. I guess it’s a right of passage. In fact, my dad will probably be proud of me. He thinks I’m too much of a rule follower and never take any risks. Then again, is it really a risk to accidentally tell your Spanish teacher to suck an egg?