Darkness & Light

At our cores, we’re all just scared people roaming through the dark, and we survive with help from one another.

I read the above quote on in an article I was reading online the other day. I don’t remember the article, but that sentence definitely caught my eye and made me think.

The world is a dark place. I am reminded of that every day as I watch the news, read the latest updates on the web, and turn on the radio. In Bloomington on Tuesday a 24 year old woman was killed by a man who was drugged up on opiates and cocaine. She was a teacher. He was a repeat offender. She is dead; he is still alive. It’s a dark world.

Last night on the news there was a story about a man who is stalking the streets of Broadripple; accused of raping on woman and attempting to rape another. It’s a dark world.

Children are attacking children, families are being destroyed. War rages. Darkness.

Missionaries and followers of Christ are killed somewhere in the world every four minutes. Darkness.

It’s easy to get caught up in the darkness; it’s everywhere. It’s easy to see only the dark parts of our own lives, as well. We have all failed, there is a secret in each of us that we don’t want to let anyone else see. Each of us carry our own piece of the darkness.

Then I read the other half of this quote, and I am filled with nothing but hope. “We survive with help from one another.” The best part of that sentence isn’t that we survive, but that we do it together.

At church for the last 3 months, we have been studying the book of Revelation. The final sermon was last Sunday, and it was about Heaven. I have never felt a longing to go Home like I did that morning. I have never let the words, “we will dance on the streets that are golden” seep so deeply into my heart. Heaven is going to be beyond words, and yet I was reminded that since I’m not there yet, there is still something left for me to do here.

My response? I will survive this crazy, dark, and depressing world. I will not only survive, but I will be the light that is alluded to in the above quote. I will help my family, my friends, and the strangers I meet. I will help them to navigate the darkness and find the light.

Because it is a dark world, and we can survive it and make it a little brighter. Together.


  1. I came by way of BE, excellent site. I have read this post and a few others, will be back to read more. One thing that struck me is another blogger that I just read.www.punkintoes.blogspot.comShe could really use some support, maybe even a bit of the light we all can give her. Just a thought anyway. Blog well done, excellent outlook on the quote.

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