Dropping Love Bombs

A couple of months ago, my friend Elizabeth introduced me to a great website/group called Drop A Love Bomb. I was intrigued and inspired by their purpose: every week they find someone who needs to be loved on and encouraged and they “Drop a Love Bomb” by way of comments on that person’s blog, etc. That’s all you really need to know. In fact, they some up their mission on their facebook page like this:

Love Bomb is a project of ItStartsWith.Us. Once a week we come together to drop hundreds of love bombs (in the form of blog comments) for those who need it most. It takes 5 minutes a week, and it changes lives in incredible ways.
In the few months I’ve been associated with them, I have read heartbreaking stories of loss and suffering; I have encountered people simply going through a dark time; I’ve met (virtually) people who just need to be told that they matter to someone – anyone. And, each story, each person, each comment, has changed me.
I am humbled to be a part of a group that has such a simple focus – to remind us all that people matter way more than stuff. I look forward to each Thursday when I can reach out and touch the life of a stranger and remind them that they are here for a purpose, even when that purpose is hidden behind the darkest moments of life. While it does make me sad that such a group even has to exist – that people don’t seem to care about people like they used to, I am so glad someone said let’s do this. It doesn’t have to be complicated. It doesn’t even have to be all that hard. Let’s find some people that need to be loved, and then love them.
Maybe that’s what life is really about – not over thinking life – not making it too complicated – not leaving it up to someone else – but just saying, you matter. In your happy moments, you matter. In your dark moments, you matter. Forget everything else and remember this – you matter.
Simple enough.