Hours in a Day

Lately it has felt like there simply aren’t enough hours in the day, week, or month to get everything on my ever-growing list done.  I feel constrained by commitments and dreams, and as a result sometimes have a very hard time focusing on any one thing.  I know that it’s partly my own fault, too!  I fill my life up with lots of wonderful things – but they all seem to happen all at once. 

Work is busy right now.  Heck, who am I kidding – work is always busy these days!  There is a lot happening now and a lot on our plates for the future.  And I used to really love being busy, but lately it seems to verging almost on too much!  I’m sure I have to make priorities and figure out what stays and what needs to be re-evaluated.

School, even though I’m only taking one class, is busy.  This is, by far, the most busy-work intensive class I have had yet.  And, I don’t really like or have time for busy work. It’s hard, because I’m sure it’s important, but I’m still annoyed that I have to waste all this time doing work that I feel is a little too repetitive.

I have recently started selling Thirty-One, which will be a blog post all it’s own soon.  It shouldn’t be too hard, but it’s definitely occupying my brain a lot more than I thought it would right now.  And, I want to do well and succeed, so I want to put the time and energy into making it a success.

Top all that off with hanging out with friends, spending time with my husband and family, attending my weight watchers meetings, and starting rehearsals for Boxcar soon….and, whew!  Busy!  Maybe it is time to petition for a few more hours in a day.

And then there’s this strange phenomenon that happens – the busier I become, the more I feel sad or frustrated when people in my life don’t make time for me.  Not that they’re not busy, too, and not that we had plans to hang out – but I still wonder why they have time for everyone, it seems, but me.

Now, trust me, I know it doesn’t make any sense! Why do I take an already complicated life and let it become more complicated simply by my emotions??  Ugh!