How do I love you?

No sooner met but they looked; No sooner looked but they loved; No sooner loved but they sighed; No sooner sighed but they asked one another the reason; No sooner knew the reason but they sought the remedy.


In honor of the day, here is one of my favorite pics from the wedding. (Someday Tim and I will take new pictures where we both look good, but until then you just get the wedding).

There are so many reasons I love my husband. It would take a long time to list them here. So, I will keep it down to just a few.

We laugh together. A lot. Sometimes at each other.
We smile together. A lot. Often at each other.
He makes me feel beautiful.
He makes me feel smart (even though he is way smarter).
He loves God and believes Him.
He’s kind to everyone.
He sacrifices for others.
He loves deeply.
He’s passionate.
He’s honest.
He’s a leader.
He’s mine!
I love you, hon!

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  1. So beautiful, friend. I’m so, so glad you two found each other. You’re perfect together. (Sing along now, born to be forever, dancing through life…)

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