I is for Intentions

When I started this challenge, I had the best of intentions of completing it. But then I realized I was going on vacation and had a weekend with my mom in Indianapolis. My goal was to write all the posts and just have them post as we were gone. But the days before vacation were crazy. Flights were delayed. I got cast in a small part in a play. I was tired. And very busy. So, anyway, I am behind. I am going to do my best to catch up, so there will probably be a couple (or four) posts a day for the next few days. I think I’m supposed to be up to R…or T or something.

So, I is for intentions. Sometimes we want to do things and they don’t always work out. But I will try and follow-through and finish this in some sort of fashion.

PS. I is also for insta.gram. I have been coveting and iPhone for awhile now because of this program. Now that it’s available on my Droid, I’ve been taking a lot of pictures and trying not to bombard the world with them. Just so you know.