It’s Working, It’s Really Working!

Today, unexpectedly, I received a beautiful compliment from a friend.  She told me she didn’t comment on my blog, but she found it inspiring and was glad I was doing it.  Because she’s not family or someone I really hang out with, so knowing that it means something to her meant the world to me!  Maybe doing this isn’t all in vain after all!

This week has been very normal, except for the fact that the weather went from beautiful and 70 to cold and snowy in the span of about 24 hours.  Silly Indiana weather!

I’ve had some time at home, some time with friends, and some time just to relax.  I’ve been trying to focus on my school work, even though this class is making me all kinds of crazy.  I’ve been doing not enough cleaning and more than my fair share of TV watching.  It’s just been a week like that.  And you know what, sometimes those weeks are simply perfect.

I’ve also been writing in non-blog land!  I’m still in the middle of wrestling with what I wrote about late last week – leading an extraordinary life.  I don’t know what it’s going to come to, but I’m loving the journey God is taking me on right now.  Don’t be surprised if it’s not long before I start begging for your extraordinary life stories 🙂

I am constantly amazed by the way God works – the small little things He does every day to whisper my story into my life – and He does the same for you.  It’s about being able to see those moments for what they are – the encouragement of a friend is God saying “don’t stop believing.” The email that comes at just the right moment is a reminder that God’s timing is perfect.  Those moments are precious to me, and I hope I am able to open my eyes to them more often and see them for what they are!