J is for Just Enough

Life can be full of extremes. So, I’m especially thankful for people and moments when I can be content with doing just enough – doing well, but letting go of some of my ridiculous over-ambitious tendencies. As someone who can be a total perfectionist, it’s nice to know that sometimes just doing enough really is okay. It’s okay to say this is good enough. It’s okay to put it down and focus on something else. It’s okay to relax, let it go and enjoy the day.

I haven’t read this book. Maybe I should.

Just enough has always been somewhat of a negative for me, but I’m learning to love just enough. It’s not about cutting corners or doing a shoddy job; it’s just about prioritizing your world  and your day. Decide what is important, do it well, but don’t obsess about it forever. That’s a lesson I will probably be learning for quite awhile, too!


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