July Goals (and June Recap)

Join Hayley at thetinytwig.com for her monthly Goals with Grace!
Join Hayley at thetinytwig.com for her monthly Goals with Grace!

Hahahaha…well, let’s just say June’s goals didn’t exactly go like expected.

Here’s what I said I would focus on in June:

  • Memorize lines for Sherwood Kids! and VBX (June 9-15)
  • Schedule Book Review & Blog Posts for month
  • Research and plan for audio book audition reel
  • Get 2013 Smashbook finished (yes, i realize it’s almost 6 months since the year ended)
  • Walk 10-15 miles a week

I knew my goals were ambitious. But wow, I totally didn’t even make 1/2 the things I wanted to do. So, then I started thinking about what I did do in June:

  • Rocked out at VBX with some awesome kids and volunteers
  • Actually memorized my lines for the Sunday after VBX
  • Went to A LOT of dermatology appointments (hello random rash that won’t go away for months – ON MY FACE)
  • Prayed more
  • Laughed a lot
  • Had a final cookout and game night with my awesome small group. Gonna miss hanging out regularly with those awesome peeps
  • Went to a wedding reception for one of Tim’s family members
  • Celebrated Tim’s birthday

All in all, June was a busy month. The first 3 weeks of July are shaping up to be the same. Nonetheless, here are my July goals:

  • NACBA Presentations (I’m speaking at two workshops on July 15)
  • Sherwood Kids! lines (monthly, I’m telling ya!)
  • Spend more time in my Bible and Devotional/Prayer Time
  • STRESS LESS about random skin issues and tummy problems

What about you?