#madm linkup: Sole Hope

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(I may have told you I would stop writing about One Girl last week. Whoops).

I was first introduced to the awesome work that Sole Hope does about a year ago at the Influence Conference (we’ll talk about how sad I am that I missed this year’s conference later). Their premise is so simple. Turn everyday items like jeans, milk jugs and plastic folders into shoe for kids and adults in Uganda.

Taken directly from the Sole Hope Website:

Core Purpose

To effectively put in place preventive methods to combat diseases that enter through the feet and to create a positive physical and spiritual difference in the lives of individuals in impoverished communities.

Core Values

Relief: We believe in addressing the very real and present problems associated with the feet through medical intervention as well as taking preventative physical measures.

Education: We believe that education of the youth and their caretakers is essential for long-term solutions.

Sustainability: We believe in supporting communities and teaching the trade of shoe making. We innovate and demonstrate solutions that combine the best of indigenous and contemporary practice to create sustainable skills and employment.

Pretty impressive, right? What impressed me even more were these images: 200 girls and another 30-40 leaders tracing, cutting and connecting with the mission and vision of Sole Hope at the One Girl Conference:

View More: http://katiekillionphotography.pass.us/onegirl View More: http://katiekillionphotography.pass.us/onegirl If you’re looking for a practical, easy way to make a difference with your small group, a group of friends or just your family, consider Sole Hope. They are super easy to work with and super fun to be in partnership with! I’ve loved every minute of our collaboration. I will update this post with the number of shoes we cut out soon! (We’re still cutting the leftovers and still counting!)