Nothing Exciting…

I don’t really know why I have disappeared from the world of the blog for so long. I guess there has been a lot happening but at the same time, not. I’ve figured out something about my blog; I censor myself somewhat by knowing who is reading it. I actually thought about that as I was sending my Christmas cards and letter last night…is there anything in this that will offend certain people? I hate that I do it. In fact, I have even urged other people to not censor themselves and just be true to who they are…but now I find myself with things to say, but not sure if I want to say them here, even though I still want to know other people’s opinions…I guess it’s good that I also email my closest friends a lot. J

An update on my life…Thanksgiving was good. I went home, hung out with the family, and we all went to my grandma’s house in Ft. Wayne. We had been doing Thanksgiving at our house, and then last year we were in Costa Rica…and I guess traditions change. It was strange to not be in our house for the holiday; strange that I couldn’t immediately go put on my pj pants and relax, but good nonetheless. It didn’t really feel like a holiday—more of just dinner at grandma’s.

Since then, work has been busy. It’s December and I work at a church, so that means we have LOTS of programming going on. The nights that I have been free, Tim has been working, so I’m getting some good down time. That is something I don’t let myself have enough of, so the forced “Emily Time” is a good thing.

Christmas will be here in 15 days. I am trying to finish up my shopping and my crafting and all of that. It’s kind of fun to be making some gifts, but kind of scary since that is what I’m planning on giving, and I’m not sure if some of them are going to work out quite like I would like. I’m writing lots of keyword articles (articles written based on the words people most use to search for things) and debating selling some of the stuff in the Harry Potter closet in my apartment on Ebay.

Yeah, I guess I haven’t written for awhile because life just hasn’t been all that exciting. J

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