On Llamas and Color-Changing Dresses

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Last week the internet exploded in one glorious day of runaway llamas and a dress with a color no one could agree on. Two separate and ridiculous events, and they immediately divided the internet. My Facebook timeline feed was full of pictures of the dress and two basic, general responses: what is going on here? and aren’t there more important things to worry about?

The answers to the questions are I have no idea and yes, but sometimes we need a little craziness in our lives.

Science told me that I saw the dress “wrong.” Whatever. Science is just science. (hee-hee)

But, here’s why the llama/dress drama was so much fun for me.

Sometimes I find the internet to be a life-draining, exhausting thing.

I am tired of seeing ISIS everywhere. I am tired of hurting. I am tired of pain. I am tired of heartbreak. I am tired of all the dark, dreary, horrible things I see a hundred times a day on social media, news sites, and everywhere else. I am tired of all the dark everywhere. I have friends who have lost spouses. I have friends who are watching their baby fight a disease that will probably take her life. I see it everywhere.

Yes, there are a million more important things in the world than runaway llamas and dresses.

But I really think there is a place for the ridiculous in our world. In a world where it seems like the world is looking for ways to one-up the last horrible thing, I say bring on the ridiculous a little more often. Will they change things? No. Is there more darkness than can ever be overcome by the silly? Yes, probably. But every now and then, it’s like the internet takes a collective sigh and embraces the insanity for one glorious moment.

And in the end, maybe we’re all a little better for it. The dark stuff will come back quickly enough.


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