Only In Indiana

I really have had a hard time posting this week, because my post from Monday just makes me so amazingly giddy and happy. At least the nice thing is that I can just look down at my hand, see the ring, and rejoice. Here’s a picture. Granted, it’s not very good, but it’s something. I’ll get Tim to take a nice one soon…and a picture of both of us together soon. I need a good updated one. And I KNOW the family will want one 🙂

Like I said, they’re BAD pictures under the bad little light in my bedroom…

Anyway, the real subject of this post was supposed to be the only in Indiana weather we’ve been having. This weekend it was in the 70’s and sunshine. Beautiful. Outside in a T-shirt with no jacket kind of weather. Tuesday night we spent most of the evening under tornado warnings, with sirens going off and 3 confirmed twisters in Indiana. Wednesday…snow. Not accumulating snow, but flurries pretty much all day. The same thing today. There were flurries this morning. Now the sun is out and it’s still frigid. Indiana weather is an experience unlike many others. Despite the cold, though, I am chipper and excited. Trying not to get ahead of ourselves in the planning the wedding thing, but wanting to do it anyway!


  1. That’s fun that you took a picture of your hand. 🙂 Beautiful ring!”70’s and sunshine..” nice. Here we have “30’s and fog…”love meagan

  2. It is never to early to start planning. The sooner you plan, the sooner you can coast into the wedding. The only two important things to do are to find a dress and set a reception site. That’s pretty much it. And from one curvy girl to another…here is my thought on dresses. I loved my dress but i had a heckuva time finding one to fit me right. I went to a plus size (14 and up) store which was awesome because all of the samples were between 18 and 24 rather than 6s and 8s at other stores. Better too big than too small when trying to get an idea of how they will look. But seriously, my dress had a zipper and what a pain on the alterations. If you can help it there are some amazing dresses with lace backs. My best friends wedding is this weekend and she is wearing a Maggie Sottero and I have never seen a more flattering dress. The laces can tuck in and she has a modesty panel so it is not otherwise backless but seriously it fits her perfectly with no alterations and she is busty like me. This is so exciting for you. You’ve got to keep everyone posted on all your plans.

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