Small is the new Big

5 Minute Friday is a weekly meme created by Lisa-Jo Baker.
Not Big.
Not Enough.

For years, I have associated small with not big. It’s a word about little things of little importance. It is a word about things that aren’t going to make a difference or change a life. It’s about things that don’t matter and won’t matter. But, lately I’ve been thinking something new.

what if small is the biggest word of all?

All things start small. All big ideas begin with just a moment of brilliance. All great speakers speak in front of a small group of people first. All dreams begin as whispers of something more. All big things were once small.

Movements don’t begin with thousands of supporters.
Performers rarely start out on the world’s biggest stages.
Faith doesn’t begin with huge changes.

Life starts small.

Small babies, born from their mothers, grow to make an impact and change the world.
Seeds become plants that flower and give us beauty, food and comfort.
Single words on the page flow together and create prose.
Small changes lead to bigger and bigger changes.

Small is the beginning, not the end.

Small is not a bad word; it doesn’t mean something is of little importance. It means that something is just beginning to take shape. That small something may grow into something that changes the world. Instead of starting with the big stuff, start with the small. Begin with the little things and let the big things take shape on your journey.




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