Small Service, Big Impact

We were lucky when we bought our house. It is in great shape and needs very little work done. In fact, when we moved in, the only thing we really did was paint the two spare bedrooms and then place our furniture. In fact, upon moving in we realized there was really only one thing that needed to be fixed – the front screen/glass door was pulling away from the frame and the frame was pretty broken up.

Now, you need to know that Tim and I are great people, smart people, resourceful people…we are not fixer-upper people. It’s just not something either of us do or really know how to do. So, we had a couple people look at the door and frame, and were told we’d probably have to hire a professional (AKA – spend A LOT of money) to get it fixed. And we’d probably have to replace the door or the frame, or both.

So, this wasn’t something we were looking forward to doing.

We decided to ask the opinion of the guy that is in charge of the community service ministry here at the church – they do a lot of restoration and help people out with their houses and little fix-it projects. Our goal was just to have someone who know what they were looking at take a couple minutes to give us some advise.

One of the guys came over yesterday. He looked, he tore apart, he rebuilt! What we thought was going to be a short, yeah, you should have that fixed and here are some suggestions meeting turned into a hey, I can fix that, let me see…buy some wood…saw, hammer, level…done. Okay, so it wasn’t that fast, but still pretty impressive! Our door is fixed, it looks AMAZING, and the guy that did all the work was such a blessing to Tim and I. He saved us an untold amount of money and blessed our lives in so many ways. (And yes, I cried when it was done, because he was so sweet about it).

It was such a tender reminder of what it truly means to serve each other and to help each other out. I’m a proud person, I don’t like asking for help and always feel there are people who need help a lot more than me. And, there are, but that doesn’t mean people can’t see serving my family as a blessing, as well.

I am humbled by our new friend and his grace and sacrificial heart.