So This Is Love…

Tim and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary on Sunday! it’s amazing. he’s amazing and I just cannot believe that he chose me and all that good stuff. Okay, I know that’s a REALLY mushy sentence, but whatever – it’s how I feel, dang it!! He’s awesome. I managed to squelch most of the “do you think he’ll propose” talk this time around before the date happened, so I didn’t have to think about that at all. Funny, the answer to that question is yes, i think he’ll propose…when the time is right. I love him. He loves me. We’re happy together and we both see a future together. It’s such a release and a relief to just be able to enjoy that without thinking about other things. My friend Jenny sent me an email Monday that was perfect in reminding me that God’s timing is perfect and that He has it all planned out and figured out and, in some ways, we really are asked to live in the moment – it’s that whole, “Do not worry about tomorrow” verse, you know.

Anyway, the anniversary was amazing. Dinner at Morton’s in Indy (with a gift certificate, of course) and presents consisting of “fun and games” – comedy and games to play.

I love him more everyday.

Happy 2 years babe. Here’s to a bazillion more !!


  1. So sweet! Someday we will all meet, maybe even before heaven!Mike and I celebrate 5 years or marriage on 8/26. So soon! and we have no idea how it’s already been five years, yet can’t imagine the years when we weren’t together. Does that make sense? I’m sure you feel the same way with Tim at meagan(p.s. I’m way behind in reading your blogs; that’s why I’m just no commenting! So so so very sorry!)

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