Some Kindness Do Them


make a difference monday

“In life’s uncertain voyage, I will some kindness do them.”


All you have to do is turn on the television, open up an internet browser or catch the news on the radio to hear the truth about the world we live in: it’s a dark, violent, downright scary place sometimes.

Everywhere you go, you hear the same thing: that the world is full of self-centered people who only care about getting ahead in the world. People are not kind anymore. We are a narcissistic and entitled generation. If we just thought of others more, the world would be a better place.

And I’m not going to deny any of that. I think all those things can be true. We, as humans, can be a little bit of everything that is wrong in the world. But, here’s the thing:

We can also choose to be what is right with the world.

We can choose to be light instead of dark.

We can choose to be kind instead of cruel.

We can choose to serve instead of be served.

We can choose to empower instead of tear down.

We can choose to love instead of destroy.

We can choose to make a difference.

Beginning April 21, I will be dedicating Mondays on my blog to making a difference. I will be highlighting big and small ways you can make a difference in your family, community and world, while linking up with a group of bloggers dedicated to the very same thing. Join me on Monday for the very first Make a Difference Monday (#madm) post and link up!



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