Some Random Thoughts…

The final proof of the magazine is at the printer. That means I won’t see it again until it is done and back in mass quantity. I am sure there will be little things that are missing or just wrong, but I feel good about the finished product overall. It will be online at the SOCC site once it comes back from the printer, so check it out if you want.

Tim and I booked our flights for our vacation to Florida today. Praise God! I am so excited an so looking forward to some time away. We haven’t really had a vacation since last February (we took time off in September to move, but that doesn’t count as a vacation). We are going to see some good friends, see some pretty beaches, and hit Disney for two or three days. yay!

This is the last weekend for the show. I am sad it is almost over, but will enjoy having my weekends free-ish again…sometime soon. With a wedding next weekend, then palm sunday and easter, then Komen training, it doesn’t look like that will happen until the beginning of April, but it’s all good. I will miss the cast and crew, though. It has been a wonderful experience!

If you have never read my friend Cindy’s blog, you really should. She’s amazing and beautiful and wonderful. Her “No Redhead is an Island” post still has me in tears. If you want to know the meaning of friendship and vulnerability, check her out (plus she’s an amazing woman of God that just astounds me with her heart daily).


Liz (who hasn’t updated her blog in forever so I won’t bother linking to it…hint hint) just told me that adam pascal and anthony rapp are going to star in the 2009 tour of RENT. This makes me so very happy. They are….yeah…it’ll be a dream come true to see them, regardless of the rest of the cast…(and yes, the get a picture, because they’re just that wonderful. Deal with it.)

Because of some wonderful friends, I am almost done with my fundraising for the 2008 Race for the Cure already. Yay.

Overall, it’s been an interesting week…lots of thoughts in my head, lots of life been lived…

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  1. I’m excited to see that magazine! I’m sure you did an awesome job.RENT! Anthony and Adam on the tour? Really? That sounds crazily unbelievable! Except that I do believe you and Liz. So…wow. I love that picture of them. I’ve used it before too. :-)love meagan

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