Spell Check

“And by the way Y-O-U apostrophe R-E is you are. Y-O-U-R is your!”
-Ross to Rachel on friends

Okay, as my mother would agree, I used to be a horrible speller. I mean, we’re talking BAD. It was the subject of many hilarious discussions between my mother and I as I grew, that’s for sure. However, somewhere through the years, I actually figured it out. Now I’m actually a good speller. Sure, I have my moments, as does everyone, but honestly, I do not understand how some people just don’t get it or don’t care.

I just got back from a quick run to Burger King for lunch. I was starving and it was close. Anyway, I was already annoyed when I saw that the drive-thru notice still said “due to the recent hurricanes in Florida…” uhhh…there is nothing recent about those hurricanes, but whatever…and then I pull around the the window to pay and there is this sign taped to the glass:

MARCH 29, 2005

oh my goodness…two things. 1st of all EFFEVTIVE is NOT a word. Anyone who saw or hung up the sign should have known that. 2nd of all, the WHOPPER is your signature item–it sure seems like you could spell it correctly! I almost wanted to just cancel my order and drive away. I know it’s just a sign, but could someone who works there not fix it? Heck, if they don’t have a printer on the premises, they should just write it on a plain piece of paper! I would much rather see something handwritten, even if it is sloppy, than two have two HUGE spelling errors like that on a sign I had to work beside, you know?

I know 90% of the population doesn’t care at all, but I also know Tim and Liz totally understand what I’m saying…

(and as a side-note, I just ran spell check on this blog, and even the blogger spell check picked up the two words that were spelled wrong on the sign!)


  1. I SOOOO KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN!!! Signs like that drive me bezerk! Bezurk. Bazerk. Hmmm, well that is a word I don’t know how to spell, but I don’t think words like bezerk count. If I were posting a sign that had the word bezerk on it I would certainly look it up first!love meaganp.s. I’ve been loving the frequency (and content!) of your blogs lately. Fun and honest and heart-filled. They’ve made me think a lot, but nothing I could write in a blogger comment. I bet if we coul go out to dinner we’d have lots to talk about! Stupid Oregon being so far away from Indiana.

  2. well if i ever find myself needing a random trip, maybe Oregon will be my destination 🙂 I think we would have a lot of good conversations, as well!!

  3. josh tells me that i have a gift, or curse, of noticing like every misspelling and grammatical error anywhere. if i didn’t think it’d bore me to tears, i could be an editor. i’m reading a book on finances – it’s sold thousands of copies – i’ve found 2 typos. it’s like they just jump off the page like “look at me!” some editor needs fired!i love seeing signs like the one you’re talking about like on the BIG signs by the road. and i DON’T go eat in those places. if you can’t spell monday, forget it. good grief! 🙂

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