Still Alive…And Sore…

I’m sure you’ve been waiting to hear if my Couch to 5K training has killed me yet.  Or, more accurately, you’re probably wondering if I’ve even been doing it at all.  And the answer to both of those is  – yes.  It’s killing me, but I’ve been doing it!

The last 7 workouts (yes, I’m counting) have been easy and hard.  The first couple days I thought were fine, then that Friday hit and I did. not. want. to. get. out. of. bed.  In fact, had I not had my friend Beth doing this with me, I probably wouldn’t have gotten out of bed.  But, I did, and I’m glad I did.  Last week wasn’t too bad, other than going to bed too late and getting up too early, which is pretty normal in my life. And then today happened. It was harder than the first two weeks, partly because I pushed  myself more and partly because it was longer intervals.  Ugh.  I was exhausted when I was done. 

What I’ve noticed is that it’s the middle cycle that is the hardest for me.  I start out strong and I’m committed to finishing strong, but there in the middle – my brain wanders, I get distracted, something.  And today my knee is a little sore and my shin is hurting, both of which I’m hoping are just from working out steadily for the first time in too long and not because of anything being actually wrong.  I know I will need new shoes at some point, but also think losing a few pounds (or a lot of ’em), would help, too.  So, we’ll see.  I’m committed to doing it, even when I want to stay in bed!

So, I’ve realized that what I need is a good driving play list to workout to.  I’m starting to compile songs, but would love to hear your favorites.  I need about 30-40 minutes of fast-paced music.


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  1. Hey! It's Beowoof's mom. I'm your newest stalker on here. Anyway, I'm not sure what music you like, and although I don't run, these songs make me want to clean: Imma Be (Black-Eyed Peas), Prayer of the Refugee (Rise Against), Helena (My Chemical Romance), Say Hey (Michael Franti), Heaven on Their Minds (from the Jesus Christ Superstar soundtrack)… That's all I can think of right now. Disclaimer: These songs do not represent the music taste of the recommender, whose reputation as a metalhead would be at risk. They also may or may not be found on the iPod of the recommender.

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