The Reviewing Life


If you know much about me, you know how much I want to work in a library someday. To say I kind of love books would be a gross understatement and just silly. In fact, I love libraries and books so much that I went back to school and got my LTA (Library Technical Assistant) degree last year. It was the first step for me in realizing just how much I love the library and the written word.

I loved most of my classes (because I’m a nerd like that), but my favorite was definitely learning about Reader’s Advisory and helping people find the books that they and their children would love. It was like being a walking, talking book review machine, and I loved it.

That is why I continue to review books on this blog. I would love to do it more. I know there are about 1,000 book review blogs written by people who have been doing it a lot longer than me, but still. I love it. I love to review books. I love to help people decide whether or not to give a book a chance. I love reading new things and having to talk about them. I love knowing that I need to be a critical reader, not just a casual reader. I love thinking about books!

About three years ago, I signed up for a NetGalley account. And then I did nothing with it. This week I brought it back to life. While you can get some awesome books on NetGalley, they usually go to the people who have a lot of reviews up. So, I just requested a lot of books. I requested books I would LOVE to read and books that I think I might enjoy. I requested my favorite genres and I requested genres that seemed to be more likely to send me review copies. And, I got a lot of responses that no, they wouldn’t be letting me get an advanced copy of the books in question. But the picture above is just a sampling of the books I was approved to read and review. So, I will do just that. I will read them. I will post reviews. And hopefully I will start building up my credentials as a reviewer and move up in the book blogging food chain!