Top Ten Tuesday: My favorite people

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish.

For this week’s Top Ten Tuesday, we get to pick a favorite past topic, or a topic we missed. A few weeks ago I was too busy to even think about blogging, so I skipped the post on “Top Ten Bookish People You Want to Meet” and am going to catch up on this one. There are so many I would love to meet, but here are some of my favorite authors and bloggers!

1. Kiersten White
Kiersten is a real person, evident in her blog and the way she writes. She is honest about her strengths and weaknesses and has been a fascinating read as she has become ever more popular as an author. She is careful to talk about book stuff, but also about keeping her personal life personal. I respect who she is and would love to just say thank you for being inspiring and entertaining all at once.

2. Natalie Whipple
Natalie’s first book, Transparent, will debut in early 2013. I have loved following her process and learning more about the publishing process than I ever thought through her blog and honest evaluation of what it means to be a writer. I cannot wait for Transparent and to read her as an author and a blogger. Plus, we seem to have a lot in common and I think we’d laugh through a lunch without really having to think about things to talk about at all!

3. Beth Revis.
Across the Universe and A Million Suns were both huge surprises in my life. I didn’t know much about them and didn’t expect to love them as much as I do. Beth combines sci-fi, fantasy and romance in such a perfect blend. Plus, she’s funny and sarcastic and hilarious all at once. I am excited for the end of the this series and to read what’s next. She’s also started these fantastic writer Wednesday posts about the process and heart of writing.

4. Jen Bigheart at I Read Banned Books
Jen’s blog was one of the first YA blogs I started reading. She is a fantastic, honest reviewer and writer. Plus, she’s also a YA librarian and I’m totally jealous and want her job. If you don’t follow Jen on twitter, you totally should!

5. Stephen King
Fascinating, simply fascinating. That’s how I feel about Stephen King as a writer. He writes gory, scary books. He writes epic love stories in the middle of pain and horror. He writes about freedom, life, death and everything in between. His memoir is honest and inspiring and real. He is the writer’s writer, and anyone should be honored to spend a little time in his world.

6. Emily at Emily’s Reading Room
Emily’s review blog is awesome! Her insight is great, and it’s always fun to read her reviews and add more and more books to my to-read pile just because she’s recommended them. There are a lot of review sites out there, and I love that I’ve found just a few that I really like, feel like are honest in their reviews and serve to make people interested in books!

7. John Green
He is from Indianapolis. That’s really not far from where I am, at all. He’s a prolific writer and a down-to-earth person. He has written some moving and magical stories. And he’s made a success of himself by writing about the real human, teen experience. It’s sometimes ugly, sometimes dark, but always there is hope and redemption and power in just being alive.

8. Justin at Justin’s Book Blog
The book blogging world seems to be dominated by women, so I just love that Justin is working so hard to make his blog hugely successful. He writes great reviews, has awesome interviews and really strives to make the book-blogging community real and relevant to readers, writers, editors and critics.

9. Maureen Johnson
 I really want to know if the stare is as creepy in person as it is online. Plus, she writes great contemporary, mystery, horror…whatever books. She’s 150% authentic online; she is who she is. I love that about her and her willingness to talk about tough subjects on twitter and on her blog. Plus, she takes her fans seriously and genuinely seems to want to share her life with them.

10. Shakespeare
Yes, he’s dead. But he’s also one of the reasons I love the written word (and the stage) so much. If I could meet anyone, regardless of time and place, I would love to just witness him in action, see how his plays were first performed and let him know how much of a difference he had made in contemporary society. Now, where is a Tardis when you need one?


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