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“I firmly believe the best chapters are yet to be written.” – Dr. Mallard, NCIS

If I am guilty of anything in my life, I am guilty of dwelling in the past, thinking about the past, worrying about the past, and even wishing I could change the past. I know that nothing can change what has already happened in my world, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t…obsess…about things a little more than I should.

So, I was sitting here on the couch (in front of the space heater and with the dog on my lap) and watching the newest NCIS when the above quote caught my attention. I spend so much time thinking about the past that sometimes I forget that there is still so much more of my life that is yet to be written. How much would my life be different if we truly believed that the best chapters of our lives are best to be written?

  • How would you live differently?
  • How would you think differently?
  • How would you love differently?
  • How would you trust differently?

For me, I think I would be braver. I would be willing to take more risks. I would laugh harder and love more. If the best, truly the best, is still out there and waiting to be written, then why would I ever live with less that complete and total trust and abandon? I tend to live in a small bubble because it’s safe and comfortable, and I think I have done a great disservice to myself and to those in my world.

I’m not sure any of this makes sense, but it’s what is in my head right now. I sat down here to talk about how I’ve run out of things to say…and this is what I came up with…so that’s that!