When will skinny be skinny enough?

Sometimes I’m easily annoyed by a lot of things. Today (well, this weekend) I found myself to be extremely annoyed at all the diet commercials. Some of them make me sad, but most of them just frustrate me. Especially the ones for the ‘miracle’ pills that will help you lose 10, 20, 200 pounds…but sometimes that is what works for people, I guess. The commercial that REALLY annoys me to the point of being angry is the one with the reality show chick – I think she was on the first Joe Millionaire maybe? Anyway, in the commercial she says something about how whatever magic pill she was taking took her from a size 10 to a size 4.

Good grief.

As if the image of women in this country isn’t messed up enough, we have that. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a size 10. A 10 is still a good size or two smaller than the average size in the US. A 10 is healthy. Yes, I just did some internet reading, and her name is Zora and she’s the new spokeswoman for NutriSystem. Give me a break. Here is her “before” diet picture. I would love to look like that! It just pisses me off. No wonder women all of this country are battling eating disorders and everything else. When this is the reinforced message of our culture….it’s amazing any of us can look at ourselves in the mirror. Honestly.

Pair that with the currently embraced and touted corpse-look for the famous and infamous and I fear for the emotional and physical well-being of every young woman in this country. Even my own.

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