Where did July go?

I did one of those double takes when I looked at the calendar this morning. Can it really be the 19th of July already? Where is summer going? I knew it would pick up speed the closer it got to the wedding. I knew it would get almost crazy this summer, but wow. A quick run down of the last few weekends, plus a look ahead to the next few, and all I want to do is take a nap. At the same time, however, it’s a lot of good stuff!

Monday we moved Tim into the apartment we’ll live in after we’re married. I LOVE IT. It’s actually really nice and is already starting to feel like home. The next three months (94 days, but who’s counting!) will be hard, because I am to the point where I just want to be there. I just want to be with him. I just want to be his wife. The rest, at this point, is just details. The move was somewhat exhausting, but well worth it.

The month is flying by, but I’m okay with that, because I’m excited about what is happening in the future. We made the decision to move the place where we’re having the reception from the fields to the church over the weekend. i feel good about it. it’s actually funny how much more relaxed about stuff i feel knowing that decision has been made! i didn’t realize how much it was affecting me until the decision was made and i felt a whole bunch of pressure lift off my shoulders. YAY!

I think what i’ve realized lately is that it’s okay to not be in total control all the time. don’t get me wrong, it’s hard for me, but i’m learning that it’s okay to just let things work themselves out in there own time. And, when I do that, I realize that I’m a lot happier with everything–with life, with love, with just living in general. it’s a wonderful feeling. I don’t have to always be in control and i don’t have to always be right. Who knew? Okay, a lot of people, but I’m finally learning for myself!