Several months ago Liz and I started a blog dedicated to books. Why, you ask? Because we read ALL THE TIME! But, for some reason, neither of us had really been updating it. I took care of that this morning, adding 3 new entries. Now we just have to keep on top of it. I’ll be excited to read what she has to say aobut WICKED once she reads it. 🙂 Anyway, check it out and keep on us to keep it updated.


My roommate, Rene, is moving at the end of the month. I haven’t really talked about it here because it happened so fast, but it’s coming soon. She’s one of my absolute best friends, and I am going to miss living with her. We are not going our own ways because we are tired of each other or because we are angry with each other…we just both need our space. She’ll start school at the end of the month and we’re both feeling cramped in our townhouse. It’s a nice place, and cheap, but we both have lots of stuff shoved into our bedrooms, which doesn’t make for the most comfortable living arrangement. And, there are things I won’t miss…dirty dishes and having to schedule our times to be downstairs almost (since we’re both in relationships) but I will miss her laughter and knowing that she’s there. I’ll miss our grumbly exchanged glances at 7 in the morning when we’re both getting ready for work. I’ll miss the way we can curl up on the couches under our fleece blankets and sleep or watch hours of Friends. I’ll miss the way we know each other well enough to know when to speak and when to just let it go and I love that we know each other better than we know ourselves. I’ll miss her music and her watching TV and the way she knows exactly when I just need a hug. I’ll miss the little notes and the way neither of us bothered to take down a “Happy Birthday” sign for over a year. I love her and I hope that we stay just as close later as we do now.