14 Days

“New York, New York, it’s my kind of town…”

It’s 8:33 a.m. as I’m writing this. 14 days from now, I will not only be on my way to New York City, I will be there…for almost an hour already. We will be most likely making our way to the train station to get the car to drive to the cape to go to the wedding. (Okay, that sentence sounded a lot like the “there was an old lady who swallowed a fly” poem in my head) And, after being up for 13 hours, I will be at my good friend Annie’s wedding. We will stop by the reception for a while and then fall into beds, is my guess…only to get up the next morning and travel some more. i have a feeling i’m going to be ready for 2 days walking around the city after 2 days of travelling (to the wedding and then driving around new england).

I do need to clarify one point from yesterday: I AM EXCITED ABOUT THIS TRIP!!! I just hate the fact that it had to be tempered at all, and I’m sure people who know me and know the situation understand that. Anyway, I woke up this morning anxious and excited about the trip and hoping I get everything I need to get done accomplished before we leave. 5 days. no work. lots of fun. it’s going to be a great trip! YAY!

Another week has flown by…