It’s funny how just a few hours can change your outlook. I know it’s a cop-out sometimes, but I know when my hormones are out of control and what that does to my body-it makes me really emotional…and then you throw in an extreme lack of sleep the last few days, and here we are. But, luckily, I am dating a really understanding man who knows that when i’m really tired and really out of the loop, I sometimes say things that I don’t mean, or have a hard time making sense of what I’m feeling. So, now, I feel much better, but am to the stage of just missing the boy a lot, even though he just works upstairs (literally) from me. I think this blog will become quite a bit of short blogs that are my current thoughts and ideas and feelings and not so much really deep, really difficult ideas that I’m wrestling with, if that makes sense. And since I have internet access most of the day, it’s helpful. I can log on and say what I’m feeling and log back off in just a matter of minutes. Now, the really funny thing is that i think all of three people read this thing 🙂