Okay, some days I feel like there are a million and a half reasons why I would rather live anywhere than Southern Indiana. Take, for example, the 120% humidity in the summer. Or the ice, ice, ice, snow, ice, mix in the winter; the fact that I live in a college town, yet do not attend college anymore. The 45 minutes it sometimes takes me to drive the less than 10 miles to work in the morning. The list could go on and on…but then, something happens and I realize exactly why I love this part of the world so much

–FALL happens.

Right now, the leaves are about every shade of red, orange, and brown you can imagine. Not dying brown, but living brown–it’s amazing. Just glancing out the windows here at work and seeing the little I can see paints such a beautiful image in my head. It’s as if God, for just a few weeks every year, looks down on Southern Indiana and says “look what I can do! It’s amazing, it’s beautiful, it’s so much more than you ever thought possible. To you, they’re just leaves for 11 months a year, but then in just a few brief moments everything changes and it’s a masterpiece of epic proportions.”

It is moments like this that I am completely humbled to know that just like He paints each leaf on each tree, He is painting my life and making it a brilliant masterpiece. Little ol’ me! And sometimes it’s the bottom layers of the masterpiece that he works on – you know the ones, the ones where it’s the foundation, but when the work is done, you can’t really see them. And I think that’s when we feel God the most. My friend Liz just got back from a worship conference and said some really amazing things about being in place and in peace with God. Check it out Liz.