It’s Friday again. I heard rumor that there were flurries in the forecast at one point for the next few days and I was angry. However, there doesn’t seem to be a mention of it this morning, so hopefully it was just a bad dream during the news last night. Because let me tell you what I’m not ready for-snow. Sure, i know it’s coming, but let’s face it–it’s OCTOBER. Cold, sure; bitter, okay…snow, NO. As I’ve said before one of my favorite things about living in Southern Indiana is getting to really experience all the seasons, but that is only fun when the seasons come when they’re supposed to come. Like winter. It’s not officially winter until December 22 this year, so it would be nice if it wouldn’t snow before then. I know, the chances of that happening are pretty much nill, but still, it would be a nice change of pace, you know? Granted, I really don’t want it to snow well until March, though, so….take some lose some I guess.

I tired in vain today to get tickets to “the Blue Man Group” in Indy tonight. I didn’t know they were coming until this morning, but they’re a trip. If you’ve never seen them, you really should check it out at some point. I saw them when I went to visit my friend Annie when she was living in Boston 2 summers ago. It was a strange, great, amazing experience. They’re political and they’re funny and they do some crazy stuff, but it’s totally worth it. Kind of one of those out of body experiences, if you know what I mean. 🙂 But, there are no tickets, so I will have to find something more exciting down in Bloomington tonight. Good luck with that one, Emmy. 🙂