Yes, it’s cold outside. Yes at least three people in my office are fighting the flu. Yes I would rather be in my house sound asleep right now than watching to phones for the receptionist. As it is, though, there is nothing I can do about any of the above. I can down the vitamin C and wear extra clothes, and try to get to bed at a reasonable time. That’s about it. And those are the things I am doing.

Not a lot has happened since Monday at 8:41 a.m. Tomorrow I am taking my car in because apparently there’s an open recall on it-which means there is a 99% chance that the recall is why my lights are blinking like they are. Whiche also means that it gets repaired for free. YAY! 🙂 That’s a Merry Christmas present if there ever was one.

Since there is really nothing to do while watching the phones, I think I will play computer games now. Good times!