Back Again

Well, there is a good reason that I haven’t blogged for awhile—I’ve been in Honduras. That’s right. Central America. On a mission trip. It was amazing. The hardest thing about coming back from a trip like that is the “How was the trip?” question. It’s the best question, and one that deserves a real answer, but it’s still sooo hard. The easy answer? It was great. Amazing. Unbelievable. Brilliant. Eye-Opening.

I haven’t really ever been surrounded by that kind of poverty. I also have never really felt the things I felt on the trip. There I was, sitting in a country that just a few years ago was devastated by Hurricane Mitch. We’re talking devastated. And now you wouldn’t know unless you were told. These are people that have next to nothing materially, but have everything you could ever want in their hearts. They are happy people. They don’t need all of the things we THINK we need~the stuff. So many people live in houses made of nothing more than sticks and cardboard that aren’t even the size of the room I am in right now as I am writing this. Big families or small, it doesn’t matter. And yet, they are happy and they were excited to see us and wanted to share their lives with us.

It was so beautiful.

We did a little of everything. I think the thing that impacted me most was the eye clinics. Before I left my friend Karen sent me an email talking about the deep truth of giving people sight so that they can really See. It was amazing how many people wanted glasses so that they could read their Bibles. They wanted to read the Bible, and they couldn’t. They wanted to see His words and hear His truth, and we could help with that. There was a woman in a wheelchair. I hadn’t really talked to her the whole day she was there. Then I was walking into the room where we were giving out the glasses and she reached out and grabbed my hand. Now, I didn’t understand much of what she had said to me, but I understood enough to know how grateful she was. She told me we (the team) were all gifts from God and we were treasures to her. I leaned down and gave her a hug and I could feel the warmth and strength in her frail arms.

She was beautiful.

The team I went with was amazing. We were all very different and there were a lot of personalities in the room. But, at the end of the day, we all worked together and made sense of our lives together for the eleven days we were together. Paige, Renee, Kim, Kara, Whitney, Megan, Nikki, Gail, Stephanie, Laura, Tim, Joel, Brad, Kevin, Doug, and Al…

You are beautiful.

The whole time I was in Honduras, I could feel the prayers of the people back home. I could hear my prayers as they went up to Him. I prayed a lot and found a lot of peace. And in return, I could hear God whispering in my heart. I could hear Him saying “I am so proud of you. I love you.” To hear that and to really believe it was amazing.

He is beautiful.