Another Monday Morning…

I’m sitting at my desk eating some Strawberry Burst Cheerios and pondering the weekend. I went home. It was wonderful. My little brother received his Black Belt in Karate, not a poor achievement for a 13 year old! So, Friday night we went home. I took Tim with me. I was a little nervous–that whole actually spending TIME with my family thing–but, not surprisingly, it was a wonderful weekend. He fit right in with parents and Cameron. It was nothing amazing; a little thing, in fact, but it meant the world to me that he was there. And once again, I feel even MORE affirmed that I am one lucky girl in one great relationship. If you know Tim at all, you know just how special he is and just how special he makes me feel. This weekend was just one great expression of that after another. I think the more amazing thing is just how well we know each other and how well we compliment each other in the little things. We can laugh and be silly, but we can also have some really powerful and meaningful talks. We can just sit in silence, or we can sing along to the radio.

And, after 9 months, I’m learning that there are many more ways to say “I love you” and “you are important to me” than just with words. They are things said in tender touches, in big bear hugs, in the wiping away of random tears. They are said with soft kisses on moist cheeks and with the willingness to deal with your allergies just because it’s important to your girlfriend that you go home with her. It’s in laughter. It’s in the way you rest your hand on my back and the way you cuddle close to me. It’s the sparkle in your eyes when you see me and the way you say hello. It’s the security I feel when I think of our relationship. It’s the way you’ve banished the insecure version of me. It’s the way I look at you and just KNOW that everything is going to be fine. It’s knowing that you care. It’s simply being near you.

As I was saying, it was a great weekend. I love my family, I love being with my family, and I love that Tim got to go home with me to be around them, as well!